May the peace of God be with you

December 13, 2014
May the peace of God be with you.  By Jamye Ward

Scripture: Psalm 30 and Psalm 32
“Oh Lord my God, I cried to thee for help, and thou hast healed me.” Psalm 30:2

Every week during worship, we take the time to “pass the peace” but how often do we really think about what we are saying or doing? As we move through the sanctuary, shaking hands and hugging each other, we say “may the peace of God be with you” and respond,  “. . . and with you, also.” Peace is such an important and overlooked concept in our lives today. The psalmists in Psalm 30 and Psalm 32 were expressing gratitude for having found peace through healing and forgiveness. Healing and forgiveness should bring us peace. Peace is generally defined as quiet, tranquility, absence of conflict, freedom from disturbance. Peace in the Bible is described as a relationship with God. What better time of the year than the season of Advent to seek peace? Yet, it is so hard to find peace during this overly commercialized, consumer-driven, and stressful time of year. The peace of God is with you and with me and with everyone—all we have to do is stop, quiet our minds and search our souls for the peace that comes with knowing God.

Prayer: God of peace, may we know you and the peace you bring to all. Amen.


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