Monday, December 1, 2014

A Time of Change

December 1, 2014
A Time of Change. By Beth Pease
Scripture: Isaiah 1:10-20
“Bring no more vain offerings; incense is an abomination to me.” Isaiah 1:13a
God doesn't want what we think God wants. We want to give God material things because it’s easy. We may miss things or notice that money is gone, but we don’t have to change what we do; we simply select a portion of things or money that we already possess and hand it over.

God wants us to change, to reorient ourselves toward justice and a society that cares for the most vulnerable.  The Hebrew word that is translated as justice has the sense of being that which restores shalom, or wholeness and peace, to the community.

One of the ways that we, as Christians, understand Jesus is as that which brings shalom to our community by making our relationship with God whole again. God becomes human in order to repair, or make whole, God’s relationship with humanity by reorienting us and our communities toward justice. 

Advent is about waiting and preparing. We’re about to change; our relationship with God is about to be made whole again. In this first week of Advent we focus on hope.  Hope is an essential ingredient in change;   it is what allows us to risk stepping out and protesting. Hope.  Hope pushes us out of offering the same material things to God and allows us to take the first step of change and sustains us through every step along the way.

God, you are both already here and not yet born.
Remind us of the promise of your birth
in this season of Advent.
Be with us as we wait
and as we hope,
knowing that each hopeful thought brings us closer to you.
Sustain us as we hope for a better world
and as we take tentative steps to create your kin-dom on earth.


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