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The week of Hope: Advent Devotions

Expecting Advent

The voice crying out in the wilderness lately in my house has been me, saying “it’s not Christmas!”Eva, my daughter is even beginning to mimic me, saying ever time we hear a Christmas song or see Christmas decorations, “it’s not Christmas.”It began in early November when I tuned my radio to 99.9 and heard of all things, Christmas music!(That exclamation point is there to signify disgust and not excitement.)It was strange pulling into my drive way looking at our rotting jack-o-lanterns while hearing, “it’s the most wonderful time of the year.”On November 2 while driving home, I noticed a neighbor had put up their Christmas tree and it was beaming light out of their front picture window of their house. Now to temper my view, I have to inform you that I grew up in a house that didn’t put up the Christmas tree until one week before Christmas.One week.So seven weeks prior to the day seems very premature to me.