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Preparing for a mission trip

When I woke up this morning, the first thing on my mind
was that tomorrow I am leaving for a mission trip.
It's the first one in a long time.

The last mission trip I went on was back in 2002,
with baby Eva in tow.  We went to Kentucky with the youth from my congregation.

Tomorrow I leave with pre-teen Eva 
and a few other members of my congregation.

I have been oscillating between deep grief and tolerable grief since
my brother died a little over a month ago.
At times I feel like I am moving through jello, in slow motion, not really
able to see very clearly or hear very well.
Touched at times that people give me their condolences and at other times
heart broken that they mention it because I know that it will take
everything within me to keep from crying and going back
to the place of moving through jello.

So this morning I thought about the number of years that my brother
spent in Nicaragua with orphaned children and I know that he
would want me to go and help out people in Oklahoma.

I got up wit…

My older brother Tom

My amazing brother died on May 26, 2014 and I have been wanting to write something about him.  I wasn't ready to share my thoughts at his funeral and am grateful that my mother was able to.  

Tom was a larger than life presence in my life.  I can remember at a very young age wanting to be in his "club".  The requirements were to be able to blow a bubble with your gum and to learn how to whistle.  Man did I work on that because I wanted to spend time with him and his friends.

On Halloween when I had to be either three or four, I had a pillow case to collect my candy in and I was too short to keep it off the ground and so it dragged behind me and all of my candy came out on the sidewalk.  I didn't realize this was happening until I got home.  And this is how I want to remember it (I don't know if one of my parent's suggested Tom doing this), Tom gave me half of his candy.  And you know to a kid, candy is worth it's weight in gold!

Tom's energy in life was…