I need Lent

Ash Wednesday is tomorrow and while in El Paso, spring is in full bloom, I realize that even though the earth is not a frozen mess at least in the desert southwest, I need Lent.

I need Lent to remind me that the world doesn't revolve around me, even though my inner voice barks back that life would be much easier if it did. 

I need Lent to remind me that ultimately I came from dust (star dust most likely) and to dust I will return.

I need Lent because I live in America, in a culture so enmeshed in consumerism and violence that we have become both numb to it and well, consumed by it.

I need Lent because I am a mom, with two children, enough said?

I need Lent because life can be hard and heart breaking and at times unbearable and walking with Christ (along side my brothers and sisters in Christ) once again to the cross somehow puts it all into perspective.

I need Lent because all of those activities of spending less money or time in front of the TV or surfing the web, or mindlessly looking at FB, will begin to change me from the inside out.

I need Lent because I need a deeper reason to slow down and take time to rest, to observe, to be in prayer.

I need Lent because I realize that deep down inside I need a Savior and that I cannot completely find Jesus on my own, I need my community faith to join me on this journey.

I need Lent.


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