Speaking Out

Today the constant that has been on mind is when is it necessary to speak out against injustice?  Only when it affects me or my family?  What about when we are in the clear and others are still facing hardships with no one to speak out for them?

How wide is my family?
Does it only include those who live under my roof or who share the same family tree?

I am trying to remove myself enough from the situation where I can discern if I am speaking out for justice or from a place of revenge.  When someone we love gets hurt, it is hard not to go right to that place of revenge.

It feels good to get someone back, at least in the moment, but often times it just feels bad.  Revenge isn't the same thing as seeking justice.

Revenge is ugly and full of anger, it can consume us and push us in a direction of regret.

Seeking justice on the other hand is like shedding light on a situation and allowing others to see what the offender has been trying so hard to hide from us.


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