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NoTV day

So the other day I announced to my family that we were having a "no TV day" which included all gaming devices in our home.  I was surprised that a revolt didn't happen right after making the announcement.  

Panic did set in though.
What will we do if we don't just sit an stare at the TV?
What can we do if the only plan for the day was taking the dog to the vet and that surely wouldn't take all day long.
In the morning while loading the dishwasher my son brought me a magazine and said "we may need this in the afternoon when we need something to look at."
Which made me giggle but also somewhat sad.  
He was thinking what I was thinking, "what are we going to look at?"

We spend a lot of time, looking at computer screens, iphones, gaming devices, and TV throughout our day.

We lasted until 4 p.m.  
Harry watched 15 minutes of Sponge Bob and then turned it off and went back outside to play.

You know the kids played a lot in the back yard, using their muscles …