Are you a worrier?

I think that I am on some level.

Now I don't lose sleep at night 
over concerns that I have.

But on some level of my consciousness

I am worrying about something
almost every day.

I worry about the church.

The body of Christ.

There is on some level a sense of prophetic worry

because after all faithfulness 
stands at time against culture.

I worry about our level of faithfulness 

to the gospel message.
I worry about our level of response
to the gospel message.

I worry about the number of people in the pews on Sunday.

I worry about our approach to ministry.
And then I wonder if we measure our "success" 
the same way God does.

My worrying about the body of Christ

takes me back to the basics of faith:
community centered upon
and study.

We are called to plant the seeds

not to give growth,
that is God's part.


  1. Greetings. I stumbled upon your blog while surfing the internet for Rob Bell. At first I couldn't find your church website from your blog.

    Later I found your church website at http://elpasofirstchristian.org

    I love the photo of your original church building in the history section.

    I assume you moved out of that building for practical reasons but I'm wondering who owns the original church now.

    I see you also have your sermons on the website. I will give a listen. Maybe I will drop by the next time I'm passing throught El Paso from Houston

    Craig in Houston Texas


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