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My beloved Cardinals

Today I am experiencing a great variety of emotions.
Today is the day that I cannot turn on the radio without hearing how the Red Soxs won the World Series.
And while I am excited for Boston and their celebration, I am sad for what could have been for my home team.
I love the Cardinals.  And I am not sure why I feel that way.
Most people who come from St. Louis do and this love runs deep in our blood.
It is part of our DNA.
I think in part because St. Louis can be such a divided city in so many ways.
When we meet someone from St. Louis the first question we ask is "what school did you go to?"  And it wasn't until after college that I learned that when people from other cities ask that they are asking about the college you attended.  Not for us St. Louisans.  We are asking about your high school.
And we take great pride in the high school we attended.
My sister gave my son a Kirkwood Pioneer t-shirt and I make sure that he wears it with pride!
The rivalries run deep and …


Are you a worrier?

I think that I am on some level.
Now I don't lose sleep at night 
over concerns that I have.

But on some level of my consciousness
I am worrying about something
almost every day.

I worry about the church.
The body of Christ.

There is on some level a sense of prophetic worry
because after all faithfulness 
stands at time against culture.

I worry about our level of faithfulness 
to the gospel message.
I worry about our level of response
to the gospel message.

I worry about the number of people in the pews on Sunday.
I worry about our approach to ministry.
And then I wonder if we measure our "success" 
the same way God does.

My worrying about the body of Christ
takes me back to the basics of faith:
community centered upon
and study.

We are called to plant the seeds
not to give growth,
that is God's part.