The Pope announces his resignation

All right, so I have taken about 24 hours to listen and read before responding to the historical news that Pope Benedict XVI is resigning.  The last time a Pope resigned was 600 years ago, so it is pretty news worthy.  His reason for resigning of course peeks our interest.  He says that because of his health he is not up for the challenges of his job.  And that has unleashed criticism.  Really?

Ministry is hard at best, I can only begin to imagine what the pressure and challenges of ministry are for a Pope. Some say that his timing is bad because after all tomorrow we enter into the season of Lent.  But I am not sure there is ever a good time in the liturgical year to retire.

But I wonder more about how it is in our society we come down so hard on those who say "no" or who decide that they cannot do something, so they need to step down.  I haven't come across any articles that speak about how when you feel God is calling you to do something different, then you better follow.

Understanding our limits and also allowing someone else who has the time and energy to lead to lead is healthy.

Maybe our focus should be on our Catholic brothers and sisters who are facing something that not even their grandparents or great grand parents faced.

So I'll say it, grace and peace to you all as you go through this transition and may God lead the church universal into tomorrow!


  1. Thank you, Leslie, for showing how saying 'no', stepping down, and letting go only lead us closer to who we are and who we were meant to be.

  2. Leslie, you are right even if you are my daughter. Years ago in a Bible study we were told by our convener to never hesitate to say "no" if we felt we couldn't do the job justice. It was a good thing for me to hear at that time since I was definitely over-extended with volunteer jobs. Doing a lot of things poorly is not what God asks of us. I think people are reacting partly because they realize Benedict will have influence over who is chosen to replace him even though he can't vote. These are people who no doubt have been hoping to re-instate the reforms the previous Pope put in place.


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