Give it up for Lent!

Each year, 40 days before Easter, I am faced with the same dilemma, what to give up for Lent.   Last year my family ate beans and rice for dinner on Monday and then donated what we would have spent on a larger meal to a local food pantry.  It was a good practice to have, however, my family really loves beans and rice so it really didn't feel like much of a sacrifice for Lent.

So this year, we are going to try and eat what we have in our fridge and pantry and menu plan around that.  We throw a lot of food away each week.  Partially because we menu plan based on what we are hungry for and not on what we already have. I know it is a bad habit to get into, especially the habit of throwing out food that could have been eaten but has gone bad.

My hope is that this new practice will help us also curb our appetite for instant gratification and allow us to be more creative with what we already have.  I'll let you know how this one plays out.


  1. I like this idea very much. I've found that we throw out a huge amount of food in trying to get the kids to taste new things. The advice that you have t o be prepared to let a kid try something up to a dozen times before they'll eat it gladly is troubling to me. How do I plan for a meal my kid might eat and love, or take a 'no-thank-you-bite' of and want to discard the rest of the portion? (And eat a supplemental snack 1/2 hour later). So much waste. I have found that piggybacking recipes that use the same ingredients, or cooking a base (like chili) that can be incorporated into several meals (on its own, as filling for quesadillas, huevos rancheros...) is one way to get every bit of value out of the effort of cooking, not to mention the cost of the food. I may take up this same challenge!


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