Follow up on giving it up

So we are into week two of our Lenten discipline of eating what we have and not just running to the store to buy the ingredients of what ever we are craving in the moment.  What I have learned is that this is actually something I can do!  Which is huge for me.  I have taken time each weekend to prepare meals for the whole week, last Saturday it only took 2 hours of my day and now I have home cooked meals ready for dinner and left overs for lunch, this is great.
You know it really does save money.  I am amazed at how much it saves.
And while I would usually not be too enthused about having Minestrone three days in a row, it is actually best on the third day!
The question now is whether or not I can keep it up.  I always find myself enthusiastically throwing myself into something new only to lapse and return to my old habits a month or so down the line.  God willing this Lenten discipline will turn into a new habit that honors our household budget and continues to raise awareness in our family that food is a precious commodity. There are far too many food insecure people in my own community and because of that we surely shouldn't be throwing food out.


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