A funeral before breakfast

As a pastor and especially as a mother that allows pets into the home, I am well versed in funerals, both for people and for the animal kingdom.  We noticed yesterday morning that slimy our snail was not moving, and sometimes snails do not move, but this morning he really was not moving and so as I made an omelet for breakfast, my kids scooped slimy out of the tank with our fish net and laid him on a paper towel while my husband dug a whole in the front "yard"  (If you too live on the side of a rocky mountain you know the challenge in digging a grave for a pet.).

As I added the ingredients to my omelet, Harry said about slimy "he was a good friend." Which caused me to pause and to more fully process what was going on.  I said a short prayer over slimy (very grateful that we close our eyes to pray because his presence was turning my stomach) and then they were off to the front yard for his burial.


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