Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Exhausted before it even begins

I thought maybe I was just tired from life in general, but then I read my friend David Roger's blog and realized that it is probably more than that.  The whole season of Christmas makes me tired.  And I think it is because I often feel pulled in so many directions between the secular and the sacred of the season. There is just so much to do in an already hectic very full life.  I really don't' want to go through the motions of the season exhausted and more honestly I don't just want to go through the motions.

I suppose part of the reality is that our preparation for the birth of Christ will ultimately be what we allow it to be.  If we place our expectations super high, then we have a greater chance of being disappointed when the day finally arrives.  I suppose what I struggle with is this idea that we somehow make Christmas happen, with our shopping, our decorating, our baking, our parties, our receiving of gifts.  But when it comes down to it, the birth of Christ, the moment of God becoming flesh is not of our own doing.  It is a gift given to us apart from anything we can do to make it happen.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

A funeral before breakfast

As a pastor and especially as a mother that allows pets into the home, I am well versed in funerals, both for people and for the animal kingdom.  We noticed yesterday morning that slimy our snail was not moving, and sometimes snails do not move, but this morning he really was not moving and so as I made an omelet for breakfast, my kids scooped slimy out of the tank with our fish net and laid him on a paper towel while my husband dug a whole in the front "yard"  (If you too live on the side of a rocky mountain you know the challenge in digging a grave for a pet.).

As I added the ingredients to my omelet, Harry said about slimy "he was a good friend." Which caused me to pause and to more fully process what was going on.  I said a short prayer over slimy (very grateful that we close our eyes to pray because his presence was turning my stomach) and then they were off to the front yard for his burial.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

In the face of a national election ... just saying

I cannot say that I am all that shocked about the divisiveness in the political state of our nation, because I too live within it.  Somehow we have gotten it in our heads that we are right and the other side is wrong.  Compromise is not held up and we can always blame the other side for what ever is going wrong.  So with that said as a pastor I am eternally grateful that I am part of the stream in Christianity that intentionally leaves our political views at the door before coming together to worship.  For us in the Disciples of Christ tradition, we uphold that God is bigger than any given political party, dare I say that God is bigger than the divisions we create in our human family?  So rather than hearing from the pulpit a mandate to vote a certain way or else ... you will hear from the pulpit prayers for our nation as we go to the polls next week.

Easter ... ready ... set ... go!

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