Living in the Neighborhood

There has been for some time a movement to live in the neighborhood where you find your ministry to be located.  While that isn't always a possibility, (and you may ask why isn't it and I would answer because of the housing market, uprooting my family, changing schools, and maybe those are lame excuses) I don't think it needs to be an either/or kind of situation.  Meaning that where ever you live, you need to find a faith community there and dig into ministry right there.

I live on the west side of town and find that to be one of my ministry focal points and I serve a congregation that gathers in the central part of El Paso.  A part that once was an affluent part of the city which now sees many homes as multi-family dwellings and lower income housing.  It too is a focal point of my ministry and every time I enter into the neighborhood a voice in my head (perhaps God's) says "welcome home."  I love this neighborhood and I am blessed to be part of a congregation that does as well, some of us that live in the neighborhood and others that drive to get here.

This neighborhood helps me to stay grounded in my ministry much more so than I think I would be if I served a church on the west side of town, not because there isn't need there for gospel living or because people there already have it all together on the west side, but because I need to be here, because I have room for growth.


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