Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Neighborhood

This is our Casas Por Cristo build in Cd. Juarez September of 2011.  You can see the chicken cope next to the wall being carried.  It looked very similar to another building on the same property for a young family.

This morning I took Mesa into the office and avoided I-10 and the view into Mexico.  But as I listened to the radio I heard about the violence in another part of the world, of families huddling in the middle of the home praying not to die from bombs outside and I had to think about my neighbors across the border.  Cd. Juarez isn't a safe place to be and the poverty there is staggering.

So when I opened my email this morning I was struck by the contrast in one email  that showed an impoverished family and read about how Kevin ( resident of Cd. Juarez)did not go to school today because he had no food to eat to give him the energy to get through the day; then the rest of my emails were all from retailers that I shop at with the latest sales and deals.  How I respond to my neighbor's need reflects how I understand stewardship, how I understand faithfulness, how I understand mercy and ultimately how I understand Christ's purpose and mission.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Being needed

You know so much of parenting is about being needed.  At the start it is overwhelming but as our kids grow they need us less and less.  I think that is how it is supposed to work.  Well this year Eva started 5th grade and I was all prepared to drop her off on the black top, give her a hug (because kisses can be embarrassing in public) and then walk away.  This is our 6th year of dropping her off for a first day in public school so I am somewhat use to it and have had many opportunities to adjust to her growing independence.

Today I was pleasantly surprised!  I think in part it is because of her hectic schedule as a 5th grader with a home room teacher, a teacher for enrichment, a teacher for language arts/history, a teacher for math/science, a P.E. teacher and an orchestra teacher.  Most of my anxiety over the past 72 hours have been over my little girl that to me is still 5 (even though she is 10) knowing where to go, being able to carry all of her supplies, and to make it through the day!

So we got to the blacktop, found where she needed to line up and she asked me stay!!!!  Then when the bell rang, she asked me to walk her to her room (I think to help her carry her supplies).  But as I looked around I  didn't see any other parents in line with their kids.  We talked about how I thought I would be the only parent walking her to class, so she confidently grabbed the extra bags of supplies I was holding and said "I got this mom."  So as she got ready to walk in, I leaned in for a hug and she kissed me!!!

Just knowing she needs me but can do it on her own was the best part of my day!

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Olympics

Wow I cannot believe the Olympics are over.  My family (well everyone expect Harry) was obsessed with the Olympics, we had it on all the time.  Harry however was not all that thrilled that the rest of us were staring at the t.v. for hours on end.  So I am sure he is happy they are over and our family can begin looking at one another again and not just at the t.v.!

We of course "ewwwed" and "ahhhhed" over all of the amazing things that the athletes were able to do.  And then what really caught my attention were the numerous silver medal winners that were so disappointed in what they did (or were unable to do?).  Now I understand that they came to win gold, but seriously?!? Second in the world isn't good enough?  I know it must be hard to handle disappointment with the world watching, so perhaps as we label it as bad sportsmanship we should also have a little bit of compassion for these young athletes that are just going through the emotions we would rather not have the world see us display.  Michael Phelps admits to going off and screaming after not winning.  

Part of the story of the Olympics is including the agony of defeat, even if you still get a medal, as well as some humility that we can't always be on top.

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