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Saying good bye

This year I know an overwhelming number of people moving from El Paso (I say overwhelming because at most I have one friend move at any given time).  This year it is different, people in the church are being relocated, Eva and Harry's friends moving all within the next two months.  So tonight I am going to my second farewell celebration in one week.  To my friends and members of my faith family hitting the road for a new town and a new adventure, I wish you the best, God's peace go with you!

A hospice for a butterfly

The other day I got home from work to hear my kids with great excitement tell me about the butterfly that they had rescued in the back yard from being a bird's dinner.  The butterfly, known as Buddy, had a damaged wing.  So my kids got our butterfly net house out and put Buddy inside so he could heal.  What we learned after a couple of days of rest and relaxation was that Buddy was not going to be able to fly again for any long distance.  Eva and Harry really wanted to make sure he did not become a bird's dinner, so we decided to keep him and take care of him as his life came to an end.  Buddy finally died last night and I have to admit I am proud of my kids for caring and taking the time to help him out.

The Grass is Always Greener

The phrase the grass is always greener on the other side has been going through my mind lately, perhaps because here in the desert, this Missouri native has neighbors with greener grass.  But it also is somewhat of a reflection of how I have felt lately, especially as a pastor in a congregational setting.  At times it seems like the grass is greener in the past, when we opened our doors and people fell into the church.  When Sunday was carved out for worship and nothing else. (?)  Perhaps I am remembering a false history that gives me the the illusion that church should be easy and getting people through the doors as effortless.  That understanding doesn't really work with the gospel. 
All it takes is to gather with my faith family on Sunday or on any given evening and I am able to see the "green grass" that we do have, the passion for serving Christ, the compassion for those in our neighborhood, the desire to meet real needs (both physical and spiritual) and to trust tha…