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In chapter 21 of Matthew's gospel, after turning over the money changers' tables, and halting the process of offering sacrifices to God, Jesus comes back to the temple and teaches. The people who work in the temple are not so happy with Jesus so they ask him "By what authority are you doing these things, and who gave you this authority?" In other words they ask "who do you think you are? ... where did you go to school? ... what credentials do you have?" And in some regard they have the right to ask him this, after all he has turned their place of worship up-side-down, but this isn't the the first time he has been asked this. When Jesus preaches in his home town, they wonder they same thing, they say in Luke's gospel "isn't that Joseph's son?" In other words isn't that the kid from the down the street? I don't remember him going to some fancy school."

As far as we know Jesus did not graduate from the finest theol…