More on Romans 12

Rather than compartmentalize our lives in areas of sleeping, eating, going to work, going to worship, etc. as times without or without God, we are to integrate God into every moment of our day. God should always be our primary focus.

Paul reminds us of the importance of being connected to a faith community. I am constantly inspired and challenged to trust more fully in God when I am part of a church community.

In verses 11-13 we are reminded that we need time for Sabbath, for retreat. I take my Fridays off from the church pretty seriously. I find that I need to to a break in order to gain perspective, to get rest, and to trust that God is in charge.

Paul speaks about how we are all servants in Christ. In all that we do and say our lives should point to God, in our hospitality, in our moments of not returning evil for evil, in our moments of taking a break and a rest. Our lives when focused on God can be a testament to our faith in God.


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