Acts chapters 1-7

You are invited to join me to read through the book of Acts. We'll start out by reading seven chapters a week. Please write your comments, thoughts, insights, questions you may have about the first seven chapters during this week and we'll see where this goes!

Acts is the only book in the Bible that is a narrative about the life of early Christians. We get a glimpse into the lives of those who followed Jesus just after his resurrection.


  1. "Is this the time?" The disciples ask Jesus. This is a foundational question, because it reminds us that we are to stay focused on God's timing and not on our own. With each ministry that we participate in we need to ask the question "is this the time?" and then be patient enough to wait for God's response.

  2. Chapters 2 and 3 have some powerful words that pop out at me. The words "awe" and "wonder" are repeated. When was the last time being in the presence of God brought about awe and wonder in your life?

    In chapter 4 Peter and John are arrested. Would you still follow Jesus if you could be arrested for your faith?

    Chapter 4 gives a great snap shot of the early church, check out verses 32 and following.

  3. In chapter 1, it mentions that they were constantly in prayer. They were convinced of one thing, that they could not go out before they recieved the power that Jesus promised.It tells me one thing, that we are the workers but the Holy Spirit must be present. He/she is the true evangelist. We must always be in prayer.


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