If this is the worst thing that happens today ...

... then today won't be so bad. These were the words my husband Dan said to me as I left for the office yesterday. Famous last words, I might add. Let's go back over the past few weeks to get some perspective. Recently we found out that our son needs surgery, it ultimately is a good thing, but as a parent we are anticipating the stress and worry of the day of the surgery and recovery. In the mean time we had a leak in our bedroom ceiling, caused by a bad drainage hose that a rat had chewed through! The condensing coils need to be replaced ($$$$!) and on Saturday afternoon the ceiling fell in ...

... so on Tuesday when Dan said those famous last words, (after finding a lone maggot in our garage that really grossed me out) what came after was indeed worse, finding a dead bird full of maggots in our garage (I guess that was the cause for the horrible odor and the lone maggot) and his car that wouldn't start. I began to see dollar signs and a shrinking savings account and I stopped myself. I thought about having a pity party or taking everything in stride, including God in my frustration, and really, really seeing it as another day that ends as a good story. So surprisingly I say that while any day might not go as I had planned, at least (or perhaps at most) I worship and serve a God that is bigger than anything and everything I face each day. I trust that God will indeed take care of me and my family.

Blessings, Leslie (This was originally written in April of 2009)


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