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Giving Thanks, Again

I want to share with you some words from the psalmist for this week of giving thanks ...Psalm 136 "O give thanks to the LORD, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever, O give thanks to the God of gods, for his steadfast love endures forever, O give thanks to the Lord of lords, for his steadfast love endures forever." God's love is amazing and during this week may we remember to thank God for all that God does for us each and every day!
blessings, Leslie

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is coming! There is much excitement in our house about this day and I hope it is because it has become a time for us to really be intentional about spending time together and for offering up words of thanks to each other. It is good to be thankful for what we have and I am not speaking of material things. When asked what you are thankful for, my children always list a person first not some toy or thing they possess.
May you give thanks this week for the people in your life. I know I am very thankful for my family and my larger faith family found at 901 Arizona Ave in El Paso Texas. I hope to see you at worship on Sunday, we will be giving thanks to God and having a huge feast, definitely something to be thankful for!
Blessings, Leslie

Finding My Way

O.k. so I will openly admit that I am not good with directions and I believe that a good sense of direction is something you are either born with or not. My three year old son, Harry already knows his way about El Paso and I don't (he takes after his dad).
Almost every day I find that I am in the wrong lane of traffic, or think I know where I am going and drive right past my destination. It can become frustrating. And I have tried not to let it be, rather I try and see it as a learning experience and a reminder that ultimately I am not in control. Often we can feel lost, not just in getting around town, but in navigating through relationships. through hard situations, and new experiences.
I remind myself that God has provided for us all a blue print for how to live our lives in the pages of the Bible. And a lot of what God has to teach us, is about how we approach situations and how we are to treat one another. We are in all times, in all circumstances to embody the fruits of…

If this is the worst thing that happens today ...

... then today won't be so bad. These were the words my husband Dan said to me as I left for the office yesterday. Famous last words, I might add. Let's go back over the past few weeks to get some perspective. Recently we found out that our son needs surgery, it ultimately is a good thing, but as a parent we are anticipating the stress and worry of the day of the surgery and recovery. In the mean time we had a leak in our bedroom ceiling, caused by a bad drainage hose that a rat had chewed through! The condensing coils need to be replaced ($$$$!) and on Saturday afternoon the ceiling fell in ...

... so on Tuesday when Dan said those famous last words, (after finding a lone maggot in our garage that really grossed me out) what came after was indeed worse, finding a dead bird full of maggots in our garage (I guess that was the cause for the horrible odor and the lone maggot) and his car that wouldn't start. I began to see dollar signs and a shrinking savings account and I sto…